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Sunday, 6 February 2011

jans sewing solutions

Discover How to Sew Your Own Stunningly, Fashionable Clothes...Then Watch Your Friends And Family Pass Out From Amazement When You Tell Them You Sewed It Yourself!

Yes, in under just 24 hours, you can sew a beautiful salwar kameez or annarkhalli dress and chooridar for free and have lots of fun doing it!

Dear Fellow Sewing Professional,
If you’re like many sewing enthusiasts that come by my site, chances are you're probably looking to find the best resources on how to:
sew your own clothes
sew for your babies
sew for your pets
sew furnishings for your home
sew at home for profit
You also want to choose sewing patterns that will flatter your individual body shape and how to sew unique items that are unlike anyone else’s.
If you have ever dreamed of wearing pants or jeans with the perfect fit and hang... a summer sun-dress that accentuates your figure... or just simply how to set up a sewing workspace and alter or grade sewing patterns to your body type - then this is the most important sewing site you will ever visit!
My name is Jan and I started sewing at the age of 14. It started of as a pass time and hobby. I made clothes for family and friends in both eastern and western designs.
During the early 80s I did a few design and sewing courses at home. This was followed by factory piecework and specialised work on coats and jackets.
In 1987 I started re upholstery, curtain making and soft furnishings, and did this for a number of years.
I became self employed in retail in 1991.

Opened a boutique in 2001, specialising in Asian garments. Branched out into fabric retail and made to measure service and employed several workers to assist me in production.
I currently works as an adviser in Asian fashion and also run part time sewing classes.
I give free lessons on the Internet on design, sewing and home interior inspiration.
Sewing and design is my passion!
I have found great relief from stress using my creativity in:
sewing wedding dresses
prom dresses
children's clothes
baby dresses
tailoring suits and jackets
making the 21versions of salwar
designing the 100s of styles of sleeves and necklines
making my own hats, scarves and jhilbabs
creating my own boudoir
I have also done countless alterations on ready-to-wear clothes to get the perfect fit for many clients. Therefore I decided to put this site together to help you overcome some of the challenges I have already gone through so you will have an easier time in creating your own one-of-a-kind outfit.
In the next 10 minutes - you will be absolutely amazed to discover how to...
Save major pounds and dollars, learning how to sew your own affordable clothing and making garment alterations.
Save time and effort while you create your own look.
Design amazing clothes and learn how to find your best fashion colours.
Stop shopping store-to-store looking for that perfect style that best fits you.
Emphasize the best areas of your body, camouflage or minimize any flaws.
Create your own unique label like some of the well known celebrities as: Gwen Stefani, Venus & Serena Williams, and the designers on Project Runway.
Forget about expensive designer names, discover how you can "Brand Your Own Name" on your creations with designer sewing instructions.
Never shop ready-to-wear again. You can establish your own brand. Don’t you just hate purchasing a new outfit, wearing it out, then seeing 3 other people in the exact same outfit?
Master every sewing technique you will ever need to turn your home sewn clothes into professional looking outfits.
Knowing little fashion sewing tips and techniques makes the difference between the homemade look and the professional store bought look. Friends and family will constantly ask, “Are you sure you made this yourself?”
Use simple foolproof ways to predetermine whether anything you choose to make flatters your figure.
One of the benefits of sewing your own clothes is being able to choose patterns with design elements that will flatter your shape and body type.
Wear a different look every day.
Alter or grade garment patterns for your best to make sewing pattern alterations.
Whether you’re tall or petite, you can adjust sewing patterns to flatter your body type. You will downplay certain body features and enhance the curves. You will create pants that create a great line that goes down the body and slims the thighs.
Combine style, fabrics and flattering colors that accentuate the lines of your sewing pattern and enhance your assets.
Transfer your sewing skills to make anything you want including dog clothes, baby diaper bags, crib bumpers and christening gowns.
Sew neck pillows, decorative throws and pillow covers for home.
Learn about sewing at home opportunities to make money at home sewing.
You are literally 24 hours away from learning how to apply these techniques to sew anything you desire...

Inside jans sewing solutions we will give you the step-by-step guide to discover exactly how to create your own designs:
Where to start sewing and what to teach in a sewing class
Why fit is so important.
Select a pattern for your individual body type.
How to read a sewing pattern...
How to grade garment patterns and alter patterns to fit..
How to cut-out your fashion fabric, lining, and interfacing...
Proper pressing equipment and techniques..
Sew at home for profit...get in the business of teaching sewing: teach garment sewing for teens and children, do alterations, custom tailoring and dressmaking business..
Sew anything you want, including baby clothes, pet clothes, toys and home furnishings.

There are tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any information you are considering includes instructions to create your very own one-of-a-kind outfit:
How to get the perfect pair of pants/jeans the way you are today - not someday - Look your best the way you are now!
Dress in the latest trendy hot clothes that you created yourself.
Select high fashion fabrics, apply high quality, couture sewing instructions like how to hand sew a slip stitch that fashion designers use!
Know exactly what essential sewing tools you need for unique sewing projects, like in home ec -crafts-sewing, classes; evaluate the products available to make the best purchase.
Studies suggest that sewing can help you mentally...Learn a skill that lowers your stress levels, and allow your body to rest from the pressures of everyday life.
Express your creativity by adding your own personal touch to a simple, stylish outfit in just a few hours.
If you are local, you could take the classes to learn how to sew .It would cost you £180 for 12 lessons and that would not even scratch the surface of what is detailed in my my web site. In fact, when you apply what you learn from this, it will last you a lifetime, and the cost for that is priceless.
Eliminate the pain of trial and error that most people go through when learning how to sew...
You'll learn to sew clothes with ease! So: Now is the time to take action!
register today for free 24hour trial or upgrade to full paid membership for 24/7 access to over 850 videos for less than having a suit stitched.


  1. Dear Jan, I so enjoy listening to and watching you. My mother was a designer and elite seamstress like you. But did I listen and learn when I had the chance? NOOOO. I found your site last week and sent a couple of notes. Hope you got them. I need to know how to sign up and pay for your classes. Please let me know. With great admiration,SeaLark

  2. NOT FREE WHAT'S THE POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are very skilled MashaAllah, Do you have a tutorial to make a samosa salwar?

  4. here is the link for the samosa salwar

  5. I work now and hope to sew more when I retire in a few years. Then I would like to join your sewing group, so I hope you are still here when I can find the time to give this craft my full attention. In the meantime, I enjoy your videos and will try to make a garment. Thank you for the wonderful inspiration.

  6. hi i joined up couple of years ago but sadly had to cancel bcse the video that i was told would be there werent.
    i sent emails to which no one replied. i left disappointed.
    i would have loved to learn to sew especially the halterneck abaya n others.
    Maasha Allah though u r very skilled at wot u do.

  7. Hello, saw your video on neckline solutions...I am facing a similar situation....therefore request you to kindly upload a detailed video with complete instructions of how to insert an additional trim to reduce both the neck width and a gaping neck...similar to the black and pink kurta you have shown in the above mentioned video.....would much appreciate your help to resolve the issue...many thanks.regards.