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Monday, 7 February 2011

Blind buying

Blind buying! Is it a good choice?
  • Do you have items stitched and sent from abroad for you?
  • does some one else choose for you?
  • are you happy with their choice of fabric selection?
  • are you happy with their choice of color selection?
  • are you happy with their choice of design?
  • was the fitting and style good?
  • were you happy with the price?
  • did you get good wear out of the outfits?
  • given a choice would you rather choose your own fabric,color, design and style or continue to buy blind.?
To overcome problems with tailoring, many people have started sending money to family members abroad for items to be purchased and sent over. If you are one of these people then would you rate this service to be a satisfactory solution to our tailoring needs.
During my years of business, I have tried and tested every method. My own experience was that out of the 10 outfits sent, only 2 were satisfactory, giving me 20% rate. To me this was an expensive result. I was better off buying or paying a very high price locally than this method.
When getting items from abroad, we tend to forget many other factors like
have you considered what you would be putting the other person through to buy your goods and then to locate goods tailors to stitch your clothing according to your needs.
If you have any experience in buying or tailoring say in Pakistan then you would know what I am talking about.
Its a quite a big burden to lay on some one else to do your deed. They would obviously comply to the best of their ability, but are you going to be happy with their choice.
In a way I feel we are selfish when we make this request.
Just consider
In general have you seen the person you are intrusting to make your purchases wear or make good buys for you in past?
Do you trust their judgment and choice to be sound, specially when selecting for some one else?
(are you sure there wont be a hint of jealousy or just fob you off with whatever comes their way, remember we are talking about very narrow minded individuals.)
put your self in their shoes and ask yourself are how would you feel if the same was asked of you?
I don't know the answers to these questions from the prospective of the viewers but if I was answering for my self, then my feed back would be pretty negative.
That being the case, would I still continue to waste my money ,time and effort and continue to buy blind?
so what prompted me to write this article?
It was a customer and a good friend who came into shop, asking for advice. Basically what happened, her husband whet to Pakistan. She sent fabric over to have a jhilbab sewn. The result was horrendous. Sad thing was they paid 1500 rupees, to have their fabric ruined. The lady was in tears. Not only was the jhilbab ruined but she also had 6 pairs of clothes that where also ruined. Her husband had selected the fabrics and told her that he had paid 3000 rupees a suit and paid 800 rupees each for stitching.
I could understand her pain, because I had been through the same experience. She was stuck with clothes that were no good to her and no way of buying any more because the husband was taunting her. He fulfilled her request by spending the money, time and effort in buying and running around to tailors to get them ready. This wasn't his fault either. He didn't go to Pakistan for that. He had never made a choice for her here so how could he be expected to make the the right choice in a land which is cut throat and only takes advantage.
Think about this and all responses welcome!

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