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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

deli ma. set up sewing as a profession
firstly, before you think of doing sewing for a profession, you need to master the skill for yourself. so my first question is are you sewing your own clothes and happy with what you stitch and wear. if not then you need to master the skill for your self before others will trust to pay you to sew for them.
you will get automatic customer flow if people like what you are sewing and wearing. worst thing you can do is take customer orders and ruin their fabric as not only will you loose time and effort but the customer will demand compensation and also tarnish your name.
my advice would be to buy cheep fabric like chiffon and make nice suits for your self. this way you practice and gain experience and also advertise what you are accomplishing. add trimming and borders to your kameez to give them uniqueness.
if you go on to take any one order, try to stick to simple sewing and even charge less until you build your confidence. don't take order if fabric is difficult to sew or customer is very fussy or odd shape or size as this may prove to be difficult for you to fulfill. also stay away from designing as this is time consuming and underpaid. attempt to do what you have already successfully accomplished.
try to distinguish why you are sewing for people. is the motive to try and earn a income or are you doing it for pleasure.
pleasure of design sewing is either for one own self or a loved one. this is why its called designer because its unique with lots of effort put into it. customers are often selfish and expect you to put the same effort into their clothes when they only want to pay basic. this is unfair to the designer and machinist. stand firm and say sorry time is money and if you require this it will cost you. its better to loose that customer than to do slave labor. (believe me been there and done that. no body ever thanks you for it ).
hope this helps a bit and we will discuss this further.

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