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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

ordering on line

salam every one
once all the web site problems are sorted, a big worry will be lifted off my shoulders. I am really looking forward to concentrating on what i know best and that is design and sewing.
I have some very big plans for what we will introduce into the on line shop, the video library and the forum. with the help and support from many of the members, I am pretty sure we will get there.
I get lots of phone calls from over sea members and have had lengthy discussions with them. it is all ways nice to talk to members as this breaks the barrier and a personal friendship is developed.
I am just doing a video of all the orders I have received over the last couple weeks and hopefully will be shipping those of.
yesterday I had a phone call from NewYork and spoke to Priyam
Priyam explained the problems she faced with regards to not only tailoring but also sourcing the fabrics. Priyam had problems with armhole cutting and also sleeve attaching. she is not alone in this as this is a occurring problem for many of the members.
Priyam requested a template of a kameez in her size to be sent with her order. when i was speaking with Priyam, i suggested i make her template and from this i also cut and stitch a pair of clothes for her. i will tape the whole process and upload. i have never met Priyam and the only thing i have from her is some basic measurements.
this should help many members in quite a few different areas. i am hoping this will give reassurance to many of the members to become more bold and active.
there is generally a fear of the unknown, specially over the internet. many people are reluctant to experiment and order on line. I don't want to push any member to order but I do want to give every one the option of choosing wisely.
 I have been in tailoring for very long time and fabric retail for over 10 years. customer interaction and satisfaction was always my goal. you probably heard me say this in many of my videos. i buy the fabric with a visual image in my head of what i intend to make from this. if I go on to styling and selling this to the customer, I have no problem. some customers also have an idea specially if they sew. others will just buy, thinking the tailor or seamstress will work wonders. it is these customers that loose out. the tailor or seamstress is not a designer, nor have they got time to experiment and create wonders with your fabric. they will do a basic job and and go on to the next. customer is left disappointed as they did not visualize the end result to look so basic. this is 99% feed back that i get.
the benefit of shopping at Jan's sewing solutions, is currently the best you can get.
you see the fabric and its qualities explained with guidelines on its suitability for the chosen design.
if its a pre-cut suit, what can be achieved with the designated fabric and best best lay plan to suit most sizes.
pricing and value for money, specially utilizing on left overs, coordination is explained.
step by step sewing of the garment is videoed and available to achieve same results.
full garment is shown, fully sewn with end result.
they say the "proof of the pudding is in the eating". the dish is on the table, whether one goes on to taste the pudding or just keep wondering of its taste is entirely up to the individual.
do ponder over the thought and if you still feel undecided then have a chat with other members or existing customers. Because there's some brilliant offers on and I would not want you to miss out.

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