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Saturday, 17 December 2011


Hello every one
Today we had a fashion event at a local community centre.The event was organized to collect money for cancer research. we participated, one it was a good cause and secondly we had a chance to show off some of the creations from Jan's sewing solutions.
The event was not too well organized but the turn out was really good. the clothes looked amazing. You would need to have been there to fully appreciate the look of the outfits. These clothes were not designed for the specific girls that modeled them. also these girls were not models but just some friends of the organizers who volunteered. they did well, considering the poor staging and the lack of experience
I hope you enjoy the event and like the clothes and go on to make these for yourself and your loved ones inshallah.
All the outfits have some thing in common so I want every one to write back what you think is the theme.
lets make it a competition.
The competition will be open to all members.
All correct answers will be put in a draw and one winner will be selected.
All reply's are through the forum. (make sure to register at the forum if you are not already a member.
Link to register at the forum is
the closing date for the competition is 10th January 2012.
the winner can select any out fit from the show and I will sew the exact replica of the design in the size and measurement of the winner or their designated measurements.(please allow for the slight colour or fabric variation as some times we have difficulty obtaining the exact match, also 6 to 8 weeks for completion and dispatch after winners measurements and choice is received)
winner will be announced on the 12th of January through the forum.
All the tutorials for the outfits will be available on the web site after this date.
Do take part as I think it will be a lot of fun.
Good luck and hope to see lots of responses.
The fashion show video is available to view at the forum, through the link.

This is a spur of the moment decision so if there are any points that comes to mind, I will keep you all informed.
Take care and have a nice weekend

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